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Mary Davis Gage is the creator of Swinging On A Star Storytelling who specializes in local legends, funky folktales, and spooky stuff. After teaching in the North Carolina Public Schools for 30 years, Mary particularly loves to work with schools and children of all ages, using storytelling to enhance curriculum needs. Give Mary a storytelling challenge and she will rise to the occasion!

Mary holds a B.A. in Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an M. A. in Communications and Storytelling Studies from East Tennessee State University.  Based on a series of stories she used to tell her students, Mary is also the author of the children's book Oval Man.  Her daughter Anya illustrated the book when only 16 years of age.   Mary lives in Western North Carolina with her hilarious husband Michael, artistic daughter Anya, and two rowdy dogs.

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Email Mary for fee rates and availability!

what people are saying

An engaging and intriguing storyteller We love having Mary entertain our guests!

-Merit Wolff, owner of Wine Sage and Gourmet

Mary’s well-told stories  provide listening fun and pleasure for all ages.

-Mary Jane Swanson, Events Coordinator of Carolina Village Retirement Community

“‘How does she know so much about me?’ and ‘How does she know I do that?’ are questions children frequently ask after a performance. Mary uses personal touch to draw children in while they hang on the edge of their seats.

-Kristen Johnson, Media Coordinator Fletcher Elementary Schools

Mary is an absolute delight.  She is truly an original entertainer."

-Jeremy Weber, General Manager of Blue Ghost Brewery

When she tells stories and sings, you could hear a pin drop in a room full of wiggly children or tired, hungry adults

-Nancy Frady, Arts Coordinator, Brevard Elementary School

Her stories draw you in so completely you are sad to have them end.”

-Toni Wooten, Librarian with  Henderson County Public Library System

Mary keeps her audiences on the edge of their seats through her passionate and engaging storytelling.”

-John Hart, Principal of Glenn C. Marlow Elementary School


Oval Man

Oval Man is the creative work of author Mary Davis Gage and illustrated by her daughter, 16-year-old Anya Davis
Would your class like to hear about Oval Man?

3rd graders and art classes will especially love to hear more about Mary’s love of outer space and how to draw the characters from Oval Man.

Virtual presentations and readings are  $100 per hour.

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